Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Karter Douglas Jones just minutes after being born

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Karter and Daddy hanging out, just a few days old.

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Another set of feet we will be keeping up with!!!

We welcomed Karter 2 weeks ahead of schedule. January 4th at 2:07 p.m. weighing 7 lbs. and 11 oz. and 19 inches long. He is a good baby only fusses when he is hungry, he doesnt even fuss with a wet diaper. He does have a little problem that can be fixed and he will be just fine like he is now. He has clubed feet on both feet, which he has to wear cast on his feet for up to 5 weeks and we are going to Primary childrens Medical Center in Utah on January 28th so they can fix his problem, they want to do it without surgery which is way better. I rather have him in cast then have surgery. It is hard seeing his feet the way they are but we are hopeful and have alot of faith that things will go well for him. He is such a cute little guy and Kolby and Ryker just love him lots and is always making sure he is ok very pertected of him. We have been very blessed, Karter is a strong boy, and a very cute little guy. We cant wait to see what he is going to be like... He defently looks like his brothers. Welcome to our little family Karter. If you ask me i think we make goodlooking Handsome Boys, hands down.

Meet our little guy Karter Douglas Jones

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Monday, December 14, 2009

5 weeks left!!!

Thats right 5 weeks and iam acually ready right now. Just to tell you aliitle bit about what is going on with us... We took Kolby to his last Neurologist got a second opinion from a diffrent neurologist this time and the out come plus answer to prayers was a big relief of Ryan and I shoulders. He doesnt have epilepsy like the first Neurologist said. I guess to have epilepsy is if you had 2 seizures or more which Kolby has only had one and it was because of his fever and the flu. So hearing that good news was a blessing and a calm feeling.
The other little thing we got going on is for the past 2 1/2 weeks i have been itching everywhere on my body cuz of this pregancy and its gotten worse. I have done everything and have taken everything that the doctor can give me and nothing has worked. My doctors are concerned iam also more concerened because this isnt normal i dont think. So i had to go in and get my Lever tested the results came back Ok so iam not suppost to worry about that but IAM. If my Lever had a little problem they would have taken the baby early. But they have also said that if this isnt going away they will take the baby 2 weeks early. I don't know if thats a good thing or not. I see the pros and i see the cons. There is another girl that comes to my same doctor and she has the same problem she couldn't hang on any longer and they took her baby last Wednesday. I don't blame her one bit. How our body's feel is like your body is on Fire and you itch constantly and cannot stop it is actually very hard. I try very hard to stay positive and try to hold on but i don't think i can any longer. I have a Doctor appointment today and we are going to talk about what to do. Question for you who is reading this... I want to know what you think or if you have suggestions on what to do,or if you have gone through what i have been going through. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Little Magicians

We got Kolby a box of magic tricks at the dollar store and he and Lexi spent hours awing us with their magical powers!


Ten Weeks Left

I’m getting excited for the new little one.  My sister-in-laws and their three little babies have been hanging around this weekend and I just can’t wait to see what our little boy is going to look like!!!  It is going to be CRAZY at Grandma’s with four little mischievous boys getting into all sorts of trouble.

Three Little Rascals CIMG0151and the one on the way!!!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Its been a very sad week but the outcome was an answer to prayers.

Our son Kolby got sick last friday, and everyday he got weaker and sicker and so we just thought that it was the flu which it was and we just watch him and his temperature like normal right? Well he had temps of 103 on monday and tuesday so i gave him tylenol which his temp would go down to 100. So on tuesday he kept complaining of headaches and how he couldnt walk or use his arms and his speech was lacking. Well we went to go and put him to bed and we took his temp it said 98.3 and he wasn't talking to us when we asked him questions then Ryan picked him up and his eyes started rolling and he started having a seizure. Ryan picked him up and we started running up the stairs called 911 and Ryan was trying to give him CPR and he stopped breathing and turned blue so Ryan picked him up and ran to the truck with his dad and they took him to the hospital while my brother-in-law drove me to the hospital. I really dont want to tell you the rest cuz it was very sad watching my son go through a seizure. But my boy made it threw a long seizure and it was really hard. The seizure lasted for up to 2 hours on and off which is not GOOD at all. We have been so busy with going to see the doctor to the hospitals, to get his blood drawn, to waking him up at midnight and staying up with him all through the night so he could get a EEG test the next morning and then going to see the neurologist the next day... He has been a very strong boy through all of this and its sad watching him go through it all. Its been a very long 2 weeks. To start the next week off he has to get another EEG done along with blood drawn and hopefully we will know why and what caused this seizure. A lot of prayers have been said and a lot of Faith in our home. Its amazing how one day can turn into a scary almost losing your child to a very scary seizure. If there was some advice i could give you today, it would be that when your child is sick you watch and you listen to them and that you take action and you go with your gut feeling and you listen to the still small voice. I don't ask a lot in people but if i can could you say a prayer for our son. i will keep you posted on what we find out next week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok, Ok so its been along Time........

So the last time i posted was just before we left Kansas. That was in May and its getting to be the end of October. Yep i totally suck at this. A lot is going on here so its been crazy to post anything lately. So i will tell you what we did in the summertime up to now.
Moved home and pretty much had nothing to do we got everything done for our loan for our practice and we are still waiting to hear on that. So we took out our 3 Jet skies to the lake like every weekend or when we were bored, hung out with family, and doing things as a fam everyday. Then we are renting out a small little place for Ryan's Chiropractic at the Island Park Medical Clinic in Island Park, Idaho its a resort town on the way to West Yellowstone were i am from. Hopefully that will start coming along more because the snow will hit here pretty soon. Then on top of that My husband, His Dad, and My brother-in-law Shawn bought a Snow Removal Company up there from a friend of my Family and that will keep Ryan busy a lot too. Then to top it off we bought a building in Rexburg for our Chiropractic Business and it will be done in December. Then our Open House will be the Beginning of January were we get to cut the ribbon. Thats so funny hu? I told Ryan i didn't care how he drew up the plans for the Business as long as i get to decorate the inside, he couldn't say NO to that. Then we will have our next Boy on the 15th of January. So now you know why i haven't been posting its been a zoo slash circus here. No really we have cows so thats why i say zoo and we have crazies running around like clowns, we really do live under the big top. But i don't complain, i just live day by day and see what we do the next day. My saying is " Keep up with the Jones". My boys have been on a ride too, bless there hearts and they have been troopers everyday. Ryker got the flu and sat on the couch all day didn't move and now Kolby has the flu and is on the couch too. I have 13 weeks left until baby 3 comes and we are getting prepared, and last Saturday Ryan turned 30.
So now i told you all thats going on and what is going to change with us pretty soon. We are definitely Excited!!! I will get Ryan to post pictures so you know the changes that we are going through and the FUN. But we have to say..... WE MISS KANSAS A LOT EVERYDAY.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its been really Crazy!!!

Well we finally got done with Chiropractic School. My Husband did amazing graduated with Honors and got a some other award (cant think of the name right now) and we are now waiting to find out on Friday Morning if he pasted his Final Boards. A quick update of everything... We moved back to Idaho about almost 4 weeks ago, left awesome friends back in Kansas and let me just say we really do miss all of you. Moving back to Idaho we brought the stinken RAIN. It has rained every single day since we have been here and today has been the first that it hasnt. But i do miss the storms in Kansas Ryan and I both, Rexburg your just weak nothing better than a Kansas storm. We moved into Ryans sisters house which is pretty nice. Its kinda a blessing helping us and helping them out too its a win win situation. On top of everything else we are selling toothbrushes and floss!!! yep you heared me right. We are selling them to Dentist in the area so far and yes i got one to bite and made 50 dollars in 15 minutes. So all you dentist out there that are reading my blog or if you know dentist that want toothbrushes and floss at a great rate .37 cents a brush and .25 cents a floss let me know i will hook you up. I know some Dentist are getting there stuff at .79 cents or more and really your just ripping yourselfs off. Come talk to Karie at Rocky Mountain Dental Supply i will put the spark in the Dentist Smile. Well enough of that, iam also Pregnant!!!!!! going on 10 weeks iam not as sick as i was with Kolby and Ryker but i get really tired and nause at night really bad guess that comes with the territory right. i have lost 11 pounds because of throwing up and eating really good food but my body says i really didnt like that. What iam saying about good food is watermelon, which i will still eat iam not giving up on that and my body isnt liking candy for some reason and if you know me i love candy. i love Mint brownings anything to do with MINT but my body tells i dont like it so i have to stay away from that too which really puts a big damp on things. But i will know what iam having on July 14 so be prepared to stay in tune with my Blog. Kolby and Ryker are doing well too, just loving being around Grandmas and Grandpas this weekened we are going up to my parents house in Island Park to get away from Rexburg and enjoy Grandma and Grandpa Cutler for awhile. Well we hope everyone else is doing great and loving the summer like we are even though we are glad right now we arent in kansas i heared its really HOTTTTTTT there, sorry guys stay out of the heat and keep your A/C going. Lots of LOVES from IDAHO. In a couple of weeks we get to see are friends Rogers in Utah. See ya soon Rogers!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kolbys Idol

I will post about Kolby and John Buck later.

Friday, May 1, 2009

30 Days and we are'nt ready, not one Bit!!!

NERVOUSE, SCARED, EXCITED, NOT READY. I think i summed it up for Ryan and I. Now if you asked my kids they are very EXCITED. They are so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma Cutler and Grandpa and Grandma Jones not to mention all of there cousins.
It feels like everything is coming up so fast that i dont even have time to go outside and Breath like normal people do, oh wait i guess i cant do that either cuz its been raining here for the past days. I should not complain cuz i have lots of awesome friends, awesome family back home, 2 beautiful Boys and 1 dang good husband that never quits its hard to keep up with him sometimes. I have such a great life that its hard to take things for granted. I guess what iam saying is, You can complain and complain about stupid things that really no one cares about, except for yourself, or you can make the best for yourself and people around you. Have a good Day!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its Baseball Time, Lets Go Royals!!!

Well its that time again, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sun beating down on you,and your little boys saying to you "Lets play some Baseball." My son Kolby 6 years old loves baseball. He loves it so much that he lives breaths and plays 24/7 everyday. and i cant complain I love watching him play. He is really good and he is now teaching his little bro. how to play. So the Royals Opening day is on Friday they play The New York Yankees and we wanted to take them to the game but because Kansas City Fans are Crazy it was sold out both nights but iam going to try to do something i just dont know what yet. Whats cool is Jon Buck the Catcher for the Royals is coming to talk to the Youth on April 23 and i get to take Kolby he is so excited. But before we move home we are going to go at least a couple of times.

So to go back on the Baby subject that i wrote last time i thought i would share with you the fun time i had with my friends and there new baby Boys.

Heather Hubble has a new addition to her family a little boy Benjamin Chase Hubble but Ryan started calling him Benji for short so thats his nickname too.
Reagan Ogle had her first little one Preston Mathew Ogle very cute. Then we got a call yesterday evening and Heather Ryans sister delivered a little boy, Lincoln Scott Roberts. So yeah you could say alot of BABY going on. We also got two more coming up, both Ryans sisters are having boys one in May and one in June. VERY EXCITING if you ask me!!! I think Aunt Karie is NOT Baby Hungry! I love holding them and then giving them back, then knowing i get to sleep peacefully all night long.

I love watching a 6 year old and 3 year old play great together. Its the best thing in the world.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alot of Baby Coming?

So i guess iam to excited that my friends and sister in laws are having babies!!! Whats so funny is they all are having BOYS! Today is Baby Ogles due date, and so far no sign but i told reagan i think he is coming this afternoon, ya i think iam WRONG iam trying to get her excited i went walking with her last night and if i have to go walking with her everyday or every hour i will. But its not the afternoon yet so there is a chance. Iam not given up!!!
Heather Hubble is due April 2nd and she is having contractions but no signs yet either. Than Heather my sisiter in law is dialated to a 2 and shes not due until April 13th. So i guess since all my friends and sisters are having boys, theres a little girl up there in heaven waiting to come right? I want to tell all my friends and sisters that i cant wait and that iam thinking about ya everyday. To Reagan, Heather, and Elenna, it is going to be a AWESOME RIDE have fun. I love ya Gals!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been CRAZY!!!

So i should say iam not keeping up with little boys feet cuz iam slacking. Its been crazy, Ryan has been workin side by side with Dr. Price (Chiropractor) and then this week Kolby has spring break. We have some friends that are having there first baby soon, "BOY" and we are all excited to see baby OGLE. We have been painting my house to get ready to move in May, and I have to talk this Sunday in Church, and this whole week is suppost to be nice weather so outside all week. When i say we are outside we will be OUTSIDE. My boys love the outdoors so maybe we will be cleaning up the front yard. We have episodes of the "OFFICE" to watch everynight now. There is to much to do and so little time to do it in.

Kolby and Jon Buck

Kolby and Jon Buck

Kolbys idol

Kolbys idol



What we like to listen too.

Ryan and I

Ryan and I

What its like to live in our shoes!!!

United States
We as a Family are alot of Fun. We love everything. Hunting, snowmobiling,jet skiing,camping,being outdoors, we love to sing and make up songs about eachother, we love playing guitar hero,listening to music while cleaning(who doesnt?) we love going to the Cheif Games,Royals Games,we are big time football,baseball and YES UTAH JAZZ fans we love pretty much everything, and Yes if it kills Ryan he is going to learn to Dance. I learned and got my hunting license so its only far right?